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Am a victim of Nigerian scams so far dated two of them both Yorubas (tribes has nothing to do with their behaviour)luckily the second one didn’t manage to scam me because I already learned my lesson with the first one so had warning signs infront of me to avaoid it(the current ex-bf I just found out he was dating two other white girls scamming them for money I have their numbers I got from his phone after stayed at his place for a couple of weeks to get to know eachother even better,he lives in Vienna and I live in UK with British passport however he has a kid with Austrian woman I don’t understand why he hasn’t got citizenship to-date since he has lived there more than years (through marriage)and also found out his Nigerian passport has expired so was suspicious of him and his mannerism so I decided to dig deeper I know may be I shouldn’t intrude into his privacy but I had no choice since I have kids too which am very protective of,and he has I know of,we are both divorced for different reasons but I from much more good background than his,I was treating him like a king African style still he left me one Saturday afternoon to see the white girl and to get some money (I noticed it when we were making‚Ķsomething was wrong)It sadness me that why would African man sell his body for money?I was suspicious to where he was going to that day (last week)so I had to look into it more and found what he does to these girls heartlessly don’t know whether I should let the white girls know what he is up to or just leave it as its)People out there It’s not only online meeting but even face to face some guys from your country give you guys a bad name,I live in Europe am black too but I would prefer Nigerians guys because of their confidence,charm and warm nature sometimes (I believe there is few good ones out there still) and similar culture background I can provide him with similar culture but I find most times they are just all about money especially if they know you have more than them,in this latest case the guy I dumped earn more than the white girl he is scamming money from how heartless and cruel is that??I told him this after I found out but he doesn’t seems to care, I only knew he wanted to take advantage of me because he started saying he has used up his tax return money from last year which he was overpayed and he is required to pay from his salary for some three months to clear his debt so he will be struggling and may be lose his flat so the story became too familiar from my first experience I decided to dig deep into his affairs and realised he even left me to go see one of his women he sees for money right under my nose after reading texts from his phone,I particularly feel sorry for one the girls that he proclaimed he was seeing before me but in truth they still see because from his text he has beaten up this girls because she wasn’t accepting what he wanted her to do (all these learned from going through his phone)she earn less than him yet he takes money from her every month she is a Slovakian attractive white girl,to behonest it’s not only older white females fall for this scammers even good looking young white females fall for this scams as well as black girls from other countries who doesn’t understand Nigerian culture very well,It’s not only through online even face to face meeting you can meet these scammers when they get to know you better the usual storyline that they are having some sort of troubles and that you are their only options at the play on weak women emotionally I must admit I fall into single women category because I am educated,good looking enough,Intelligent and smart,financially capable but I still crave strong moral correctly African man,hardworking,Intelligent and confident who will respect me as woman and life partner in turn am absolutely ready to compromise and be a housewife putting the need of my partner at hands in African tradition way but I have ended up with scammers both times so I don’t hold any hope at all,am in my early ‘s,It’s important women share these stories to warn others,Am so ashamed from an African perspective these guys are all intelligent why chose a life of using their bodies to finance life in Europe I have lived here worked hard to invest back home why can’t they use their brain to achieve their goals,why can’t they use their smartness for good use instead of scamming vurnalable women very heartless and cruel, I believe God doesn’t allow these people to enjoy their life in harmony, I don’t understand it like this last guy we are literally compartible in many ways but he chose to throw away a good woman whom worshipped the ground he walks in for uncessary greediness and disrespectful behaviour he has no family here in Europe apart from the child whom he I don’t think he cares lives like there is no tomorrow,It’s not only about white foreign women it happens to even African women from other background too so It’s not only immune to online dating real life dating too,just be cautious of warning signs like can you borrow me some money I have trouble with my bank account or my salary is late this month please assist me and I will pay you back next month the storylines then go on and on from there‚Ķ.(sorry my writing doesnt appear articulate and a little mixed up it’s because am on the move and trying to squeeze my experience here) For more information Please visit Free Dating websites to find American singles online at free dating sites You can meet singles for free in your area at free online dating sites Thousands of local single women and men are waiting online to meet their lifetime companion What are you waiting for Take action today.